Criminal Defense Litigation

Some areas of Criminal Defense Litigation in which our legal team and our criminal defense attorneys have had proven successes include:

  • Drug Crimes
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Medicare Fraud
  • Money Laundering Crimes

Our Criminal Defense practice offers comprehensive aggressive representation to anyone who has been accused of any crime as well as anyone who has been a victim of or a witness to a crime. Acting immediately allows our Central Florida criminal defense attorneys to intervene in the police investigation, influence the filing decision of any formal criminal charges, locate favorable witnesses or other evidence, develop an early defense strategy and prevent you from doing or saying something that could later hurt your case. We handle all types of criminal cases in the State Courts of Florida and in Federal Court.

Each and every practice areas of law discussed above is complex and evolving constantly. Whether you are facing debt problems or criminal charges, it is critical to consult with an experienced attorney who knows the law, recognizes the stakes and is dedicated to protecting your rights.

Our goal is always to negotiate from a position of strength to achieve the best result for the client. Please, give us the opportunity to assist you with any litigation needs you have.

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