By Steve Rhode

I seem to spend a lot of time educating people that most everything they know about bankruptcy is just plain wrong. In fact a friend of mine just told me they were going to file bankruptcy and my answer was, “congratulations.”

You see, even studies by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have come to the same conclusion I have; people who file bankruptcy do better financially than those who don’t.

Today the biggest financial calamity looming ahead of 50 percent of people is not their immediate debt but the failure to set sights further down the road and look at the retirement crisis to come. Putting off dealing with your debt can cost you the very money you will need to retire and be able to afford to eat and live even just a moderate life. If you want to see what limping along in a failed debt relief strategy will cost you, use my online calculator.

Bankruptcy is not a moral decision. It is a legal choice made when the debt situation is hopeless. I am certainly not recommending bankruptcy as a casual solution and I’ve seen very few people who use it that way. In fact the percentage of people who file bankruptcy more than once is very small, that is unless you are a Donald Trump enterprise. They’ve filed four times.

If you’ve decided to move ahead with bankruptcy then here are some good tips shared with me by Rick Abelmann, a bankruptcy attorney in Hawaii.

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